Fashion doesn’t only exists in dresses. It also includes shoes, bags, accessories or even the little things. Fashion is a never ending trend. It helps the individuals to express their own ways by dressing up. I guess it is also a form of communication to every person who loves dressing up. Some may call it “corny”, but as long as the person wears what she wants, it is called fashion.

            Today, there is this trend called “fashion blogging”. It is a way of expressing their love to fashion. A person must take a photo with the ones that she are wearing. Even if it’s not in the trend. But still, they blogs it because that’s their style. There are lots of fashion blogger nowadays.

            I hope everyone loves fashion as well as I love it. We should not be ashame of what we are wearing because that expresses our personality. Stand up and walk like a model everytime, anytime and anywhere. Cherish every moment in your life and smile. Love everything about yourself because you’re worth it. 



Dogs are cute especially when you are playing with them but there comes a point where they also get tired and needs some rest. This Shih Tzu has a name and she is “Barbie”. Barbie loves to play with her Nobbly Wobbly Dog Toy and most of the day, she just spend her dog time just lying on the floor and stare at her toy. She maybe looks unhappy or not energetic but seriously, she is just tired. By the end of the day, your dogs may be barking, but remember that all dogs will have their day!

I love spending time with my dog especially on weekends when I’m not at school. Getting tired is already a common feeling especially for humans. Barbie also feels that, the feeling of tardiness, when she didn’t even want to move on where she’s lying and just rest there the whole day. Yeah, Barbie’s a dog but I never let her feel bad and tired every day. I assure that she gets proper food and rest in able to maintain her good health.

Dogs have feelings, too. They are also sensitive enough to feel and to react to what’s happening to their surroundings. I always assure that Barbie never gets too tired and too bored. It’s better to have some quality time with your pet after a long day. There are no bad days when you come home to a dog’s love and every dog deserves a home.



Pulse, heartbeat, breathing, dance is the rhythm of your life. They’re performing as a group as their bodies are moving as one. The expression in time and movement, the happiness and sadness, all of these can be easily feel when you’re dancing. You’re getting able of expressing yourself as a free individual, through your motion and expressions while dancing. It comes from within whether it is a quiet melody, a tingling sensation, a burning need to move, it is a feeling that for a dancer does not age.

Well, for me dancing is an art which has emotions that allows the audience to react and to have interest with the moves. Bodies don’t lie because we can easily judge a person by the way of his movements, his choice in music and his own interpretations in the meaning of dance. All of us are free; we can move around, pick the right rhythm of our life without judging ones choice. Honestly, my mood is affected when I’m watching a group of people dancing. Why? It’s because of their aura, their vibes and the way they communication to their audience.

Showing off their beautiful smiles, their positive vibes sends good aura to their audience. Being a great dancer is not having those colourful rubber shoes and lousy pants; it’s the confidence of expressing what you really feel on the dance floor. Dance like there’s no tomorrow. Dance like nobody’s watching you. Dance with your heart and your feet will follow.

Image   Greatness really never ends within those battling teams. I will never forget the excitement, the pressure and the unforgettable moments I’ve experienced when I watched UAAP’s Cheer and Dance Competition. I can felt the pressure inside the arena, the eagerness of each school while rooting for their teams. It feels so good to witness this once in a year event. Great experience, indeed.             Coming together as a team is just a beginning but working together for the goal is success. I really felt the school spirit within that moment, endless cheers, laughs and excitement. Screaming your team’s name and giving the best you can do just to support them was really fun. All the performers showed their best, they all give their hearts out just to win. Thousands of people came to support, and witnessed every performance.             Win or lose, it’s still the school we choose. I never get ashamed of the results just because we’re not on top and instead, I became thankful because nothing bad happened during the event, and no one       gets injured. Everything went well, everyone enjoyed the show and all schools showed camaraderie. No matter what we do, we still have to maintain good sportsmanship. We’re all one as a team, winners never quit and quitters never win.



Looking at that horizon, I can already feel that another day is coming, another chance, and another page of my life. The beautiful twilight that gives me hope for tomorrow is fascinating me. Different thoughts start to run through my mind by easily staring at that view. It gives me limitless opportunities in realizing my ideas of tomorrow. It gives me hope and freedom in my mind.

            Never settle for what you have yesterday because tomorrow is another day, another chance of living because we all know that life is a survival game. Just staring completely in the horizon, breathing, and thinking of something makes you feel that you already have you’re me-time. Leave the troubles of yesterday, move forward and do not be ashamed of what you’ve done before. Chances are always there, but we should know where to use those chances wisely. Sometimes, you just need some encouragements but not from others, but from yourself.

            We all live under the same sky, but we don’t all have the same horizon. We can all fly into a brand new sky but we shouldn’t let it just passed as by. Let’s all not be scared of the dark because tomorrow will give us light. I’m not scared to give it a try, giving a try to something that tomorrow may bring. You should stand for what tomorrow brings you.



            Being “just a regular student” around the campus is not enough. For you to be able to maximize your college experience, one should have tried to join or to participate in the organizational groups in the University. The photo posted above says it all. Students are chitchatting and exchanging their different opinions on what they would have felt about the certain organization they have already chosen. And of course, one must have what it takes in order to participate well in their chosen organization.

            As a student, being able to join in one active organization in the University is a plus. I can freely express my thoughts, ideas, my talents and many more. Trying out new things beside from reading text books and listening to your professors is not bad as long as you’re capable of understanding of what you’re doing. Some students are already losing their confidence from the start but for me, I just want to say that you, as an individual must believe in yourself. Be confident enough to show what you’ve got.

            You should not become selfish when you’re entering this kind of situation. Share your ideas; help others decide about the certain matter they’re tackling about. It can be tempting as a college student to do a lot of things that are not school-related because others will say that it is more fun to do but hey, you’re wrong. Challenge yourself with some campus-based activities and do not limit yourself in proving others what you can do. Always remember, the bigger the challenge, the bigger the opportunity.