Image   Greatness really never ends within those battling teams. I will never forget the excitement, the pressure and the unforgettable moments I’ve experienced when I watched UAAP’s Cheer and Dance Competition. I can felt the pressure inside the arena, the eagerness of each school while rooting for their teams. It feels so good to witness this once in a year event. Great experience, indeed.             Coming together as a team is just a beginning but working together for the goal is success. I really felt the school spirit within that moment, endless cheers, laughs and excitement. Screaming your team’s name and giving the best you can do just to support them was really fun. All the performers showed their best, they all give their hearts out just to win. Thousands of people came to support, and witnessed every performance.             Win or lose, it’s still the school we choose. I never get ashamed of the results just because we’re not on top and instead, I became thankful because nothing bad happened during the event, and no one       gets injured. Everything went well, everyone enjoyed the show and all schools showed camaraderie. No matter what we do, we still have to maintain good sportsmanship. We’re all one as a team, winners never quit and quitters never win.