Pulse, heartbeat, breathing, dance is the rhythm of your life. They’re performing as a group as their bodies are moving as one. The expression in time and movement, the happiness and sadness, all of these can be easily feel when you’re dancing. You’re getting able of expressing yourself as a free individual, through your motion and expressions while dancing. It comes from within whether it is a quiet melody, a tingling sensation, a burning need to move, it is a feeling that for a dancer does not age.

Well, for me dancing is an art which has emotions that allows the audience to react and to have interest with the moves. Bodies don’t lie because we can easily judge a person by the way of his movements, his choice in music and his own interpretations in the meaning of dance. All of us are free; we can move around, pick the right rhythm of our life without judging ones choice. Honestly, my mood is affected when I’m watching a group of people dancing. Why? It’s because of their aura, their vibes and the way they communication to their audience.

Showing off their beautiful smiles, their positive vibes sends good aura to their audience. Being a great dancer is not having those colourful rubber shoes and lousy pants; it’s the confidence of expressing what you really feel on the dance floor. Dance like there’s no tomorrow. Dance like nobody’s watching you. Dance with your heart and your feet will follow.