Being “just a regular student” around the campus is not enough. For you to be able to maximize your college experience, one should have tried to join or to participate in the organizational groups in the University. The photo posted above says it all. Students are chitchatting and exchanging their different opinions on what they would have felt about the certain organization they have already chosen. And of course, one must have what it takes in order to participate well in their chosen organization.

            As a student, being able to join in one active organization in the University is a plus. I can freely express my thoughts, ideas, my talents and many more. Trying out new things beside from reading text books and listening to your professors is not bad as long as you’re capable of understanding of what you’re doing. Some students are already losing their confidence from the start but for me, I just want to say that you, as an individual must believe in yourself. Be confident enough to show what you’ve got.

            You should not become selfish when you’re entering this kind of situation. Share your ideas; help others decide about the certain matter they’re tackling about. It can be tempting as a college student to do a lot of things that are not school-related because others will say that it is more fun to do but hey, you’re wrong. Challenge yourself with some campus-based activities and do not limit yourself in proving others what you can do. Always remember, the bigger the challenge, the bigger the opportunity.