Fashion doesn’t only exists in dresses. It also includes shoes, bags, accessories or even the little things. Fashion is a never ending trend. It helps the individuals to express their own ways by dressing up. I guess it is also a form of communication to every person who loves dressing up. Some may call it “corny”, but as long as the person wears what she wants, it is called fashion.

            Today, there is this trend called “fashion blogging”. It is a way of expressing their love to fashion. A person must take a photo with the ones that she are wearing. Even if it’s not in the trend. But still, they blogs it because that’s their style. There are lots of fashion blogger nowadays.

            I hope everyone loves fashion as well as I love it. We should not be ashame of what we are wearing because that expresses our personality. Stand up and walk like a model everytime, anytime and anywhere. Cherish every moment in your life and smile. Love everything about yourself because you’re worth it.