Looking at that horizon, I can already feel that another day is coming, another chance, and another page of my life. The beautiful twilight that gives me hope for tomorrow is fascinating me. Different thoughts start to run through my mind by easily staring at that view. It gives me limitless opportunities in realizing my ideas of tomorrow. It gives me hope and freedom in my mind.

            Never settle for what you have yesterday because tomorrow is another day, another chance of living because we all know that life is a survival game. Just staring completely in the horizon, breathing, and thinking of something makes you feel that you already have you’re me-time. Leave the troubles of yesterday, move forward and do not be ashamed of what you’ve done before. Chances are always there, but we should know where to use those chances wisely. Sometimes, you just need some encouragements but not from others, but from yourself.

            We all live under the same sky, but we don’t all have the same horizon. We can all fly into a brand new sky but we shouldn’t let it just passed as by. Let’s all not be scared of the dark because tomorrow will give us light. I’m not scared to give it a try, giving a try to something that tomorrow may bring. You should stand for what tomorrow brings you.