Dogs are cute especially when you are playing with them but there comes a point where they also get tired and needs some rest. This Shih Tzu has a name and she is “Barbie”. Barbie loves to play with her Nobbly Wobbly Dog Toy and most of the day, she just spend her dog time just lying on the floor and stare at her toy. She maybe looks unhappy or not energetic but seriously, she is just tired. By the end of the day, your dogs may be barking, but remember that all dogs will have their day!

I love spending time with my dog especially on weekends when I’m not at school. Getting tired is already a common feeling especially for humans. Barbie also feels that, the feeling of tardiness, when she didn’t even want to move on where she’s lying and just rest there the whole day. Yeah, Barbie’s a dog but I never let her feel bad and tired every day. I assure that she gets proper food and rest in able to maintain her good health.

Dogs have feelings, too. They are also sensitive enough to feel and to react to what’s happening to their surroundings. I always assure that Barbie never gets too tired and too bored. It’s better to have some quality time with your pet after a long day. There are no bad days when you come home to a dog’s love and every dog deserves a home.